Qingfeng Yikang people
                                are willing to do what others don't want to do
                                Qingfeng Yikang people
                                can do what others dare not do
                                Qingfeng Yikang people
                                do what others can't
                                Changzhou Qingfeng Yikang Machinery Co., Ltd.More

                                Changzhou Qingfeng Yikang Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, the company registered capital of 12 million yuan, and has the right to self-export.

                                The company currently employs more than 168 people, including 10 mechanical engineers, 17 quality inspectors, 120 middle- and senior-level technicians, and 21 others. The company covers an area of 16,146 square meters, and the total building area of the plant is 10,992 square meters.

                                Changzhou Qingfeng Yikang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.More

                                Changzhou Qingfeng Yikang Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 2020, is a new enterprise specializing in the field of Equipment, integrating R & D, production and sales. At present, we have fully passed ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality system certification.

                                In the future development, we will continue to improve ourselves with a consistent down-to-earth attitude, strive for innovation, adhere to the enterprise philosophy of "quality first and people-oriented", and make unremitting efforts to promote the prosperity and development of the Equipment industry.

                                The company will continue to comprehensively strengthen enterprise management and improve technical level, and cooperate wholeheartedly with new and old customers to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

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                                News Center
                                2021.11.18-19, Shanghai Enke Certification company to our COMPANY ISO13485 medical system audit, our company successfully passed the audit!
                                Rwe reviewed the operation of IRIS of our company
                                On October 30, 2017, RHEINLAND Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. reviewed the operation of IRIS system of our company, and our company passed the audit smoothly.
                                Rexnord vice president of supply chain came to visit our company
                                On November 8, 2017, The vice President of Supply chain of Rexnord visited our company and affirmed the quality, delivery and cooperation during the 10-year cooperation between our company and Rexnord. Affirmed the continuous improvement of our company.
                                Xue Jiaqing Chamber of Commerce awarding ceremony
                                On November 8, 2017, the company attended the awarding ceremony of Xue Jiaqing Chamber of Commerce in Xue Jia.
                                2017 Qingfeng Yikang Tug of War Competition
                                In order to make the majority of employees can work happily, create with passion, re-model cohesion, re-create productivity, the company organized the staff tug-of-war competition. This competition altogether 8 teams, more than 120 employees participated in the competition activities.Eight teams dressed in uniform arrived at the competition site on time and attended the opening ceremony. Company leaders came to the scene of the game, as the referee ordered, the game began. All the players are in good spirits, accompanied by a strong "one, two, one, two" chant, the two groups of players on the field in full strength, hands clutching the long rope, neat and uniform action, the red line on the rope in the two sides of the river boundary difficult wandering. The cheerleaders are more enthusiastic, cheering, bugle sound throughout the arena. Cheers followed as the result of the match became clear. The judges based on the principle of fairness and justice and the principle of "friendship first, competition second", after more than an hour of fierce competition of endurance and physical strength, the CNC workshop Group 1 led by Captain Xue Xiaobo won the first prize.The success of the tug-of-war competition aims to enrich everyone's amateur cultural life, enhance everyone's sense of teamwork and collective sense of honor, but also shows everyone's enterprising spirit and positive and optimistic attitude towards life. In this vibrant November, let us work together to work hard for the future of Qingfeng Yikang, and show our brilliant style of Qingfeng Yikang people.

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